In-Home Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy offered in the comfort and convenience

of your home.

Online Consultations

Online consultations are available for those with mobility or distance limitations.  Also available to to support current In-home or clinic programs.

Group Yoga Therapy Classes

Join a friendly group of people also on the cancer continuum and gain the benefits of tailored therapeutic yoga.

Yoga Therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress towards improved health and well being through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga.

YogaCPR is founded on the premise that Yoga is for every body and every mind.

Safe, accessible and effective Yoga practices are tailored for each individual's needs.

YogaCPR was created by Lisa Blanch C-IAYT, an internationally certified Yoga Therapist, and yoga educator.

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"Cancer takes your breath away. Yoga brings it back."

Tari Prinster

The application of safe, accessible and effective yoga practices for mind, body and spirit can bring immense benefits to those living with and after cancer.

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