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Cancer Patient Relief


Therapeutic Yoga is gaining increased recognition as a vital part of a holistic support program for people living with and after cancer. In our sessions, we find tailored practices which can help manage cancer- related side effects such as peripheral neuropathy, lymphoedema, reduced range of motion, fatigue and anxiety. 


Using evidenced-based practices including gentle movements, breathing exercises and wonderful relaxations I hope to offer a little piece of peace, and a whole lot of empowerment to people during this difficult time.


Since 2013 I have offered relaxation and gentle therapeutic yoga sessions to people undergoing treatment for cancer, including CanAssist Diversional Therapy Program, and specialist classes at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, Australia's first specialist cancer hospital in Sydney.


So, what's in a Cancer Care Group Therapeutic Yoga class?


  • Centreing practice to settle the mind

  • Gentle warmups which mobilise the joints and spine

  • Safe and appropriate movements and asana (postures) which release tension, build strength, wellbeing and vitality

  • Pranayama (breathing) practices which are so simple yet incredibly effective

  • Delicious relaxation


Who can attend?

  • Cancer patients - please get medical ok

  • Cancer Survivors

  • Carers welcome too

New YogaCPR classes and programs for people living with and after cancer will be introduced in person and online from 2024.

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Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

All participants in the Cancer Care Yoga Classes must be screened by the Yoga Therapist in the first instance.

Please contact me today.

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