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In-Home Yoga Therapy (Sydney)

Enjoy personalised Yoga Therapy in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Up to 1.5 hour per session with all props and equipment brought in. Available MONDAYS

Pre-session screening required to confirm medical ok to exercise.

Areas currently serviced:  Eastern Suburbs, City, Lower North Shore, Inner West, Inner South  Ask about In-Home Yoga Therapy now

Online Consultations

Online consults are available to those with mobility or distance limitations. We connect through Skype or Zoom to discuss your needs and work on simple practices.  Online Consults also support In-Home and Private Clinic Clients to provide a convenient way to fine tune a program or explore new possibilities.  Available WEDNESDAYS Ask about Online Consultations now

Gentle Yoga for Cancer Class @ Lifehouse Camperdown

Suitable for most, these weekly classes are 1.5 hours of gentle, safe and personalised stretching, mindful movement, breath practices and relaxations all designed to assist relieve the symptoms and side-effects of cancer and its treatments.  Tuesdays at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse 

Pre-session screening required to confirm medical ok to exercise. Ask about joining now

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Understanding and use of Therapeutic Yoga for cancer care is growing across the world in leading oncology hospitals and centres.
Leading the way in Australia is Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, the nation's first comprehensive cancer centre. 
YogaCPR programs have been offered at Lifehouse since 2017.
  • YogaCPR offers face to face and online Therapeutic Yoga for cancer patients in Sydney through Clinics, consultations and classes.

  • Programs are grounded in an understanding of the complexities and side-effects that people living with cancer experience, and are focused primarily on safety and empowerment. 

  • Participation requires medical ok and          Yoga Therapist screening prior to program commencement so that safe and appropriate practices are offered.


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