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Yoga For Cancer


18 - 19 SEPTEMBER 2021 | 2 DAY WORKSHOP | FROM $450

There is a demand for Yoga teachers and therapists to gain specific training and understanding so you can safely and intelligently teach to people with a cancer history. Bookings here

2 day workshop
18-19 Sept 21

for yoga teachers and yoga therapists

  • Understand the facts about cancer and its treatments

  • Discover how evidence-based yoga can deeply benefit those with cancer

  • Identify safe and appropriate practices to manage cancer side-effects including fatigue, anxiety and neuropathy

  • Empower your clients and students about self-care during yoga practice

  • Develop skills so you can adapt practices for client’s with complex health issues

  • Improve your skills so you communicate with clarity and compassion


Through exploration and hands-on practical work, you will build a foundation of knowledge upon which to base a safe, intelligent and personalised approach to Yoga for Cancer.

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